Signature Amplifiers

For those of you who want to keep it simple and like what you hear out of the box, we are pleased to offer (2) Signature model amplifiers:

Tommy Skeoch’s Amp (TS50)

The TS50 is an exact example of what Tommy used during the Tesla days and is currently what he uses in his solo efforts today.

 Custom Amplifiers

For those of you who are more particular about tone, our foundation amplifiers may be customized to meet your needs.  By working directly with our technicians, you can modify anything in the preamp circuit, change filtering to give the desired “feel”, add an FX loop or master volume, and even customize the faceplates and tolex selection to personalize your build. We offer (4) foundations to build from:

70W Foundation

The KDH70 is a novel design that crams a 100 watt circuit into a 50 watt chassis. The tone is generally “browner”, and allows for a 100w 1x12 combo!

100W Foundation

100 watt amplifier leveraging the glorious 1968 Plexi DNA, with dual preamp gain stages for infinite control over preamp gain structure.

 What Our Customers Say

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Justin Morton
Justin Morton
Absolutely love my ts50. Kevin you are the man!
Charles Mabry
Charles Mabry
So I finally got to play my new TS50 head last week. It is the real deal. Just like the video that Tommy Skeoch made,... it is super clean when you keep the volume low and absolutely screams when you turn it up. Absolutely no need for a multi-channel amp after playing this. Kevin couldn't be easier to work with, and both Kevin and Tommy really care about what they are creating here! Check em out!!!read more
Chris Amore
Chris Amore
Kevin Holbrook makes a mean amplifier. Get one of these while you can, handmade by the master! He got my TS-50 done for... me in record time, and I am very happy with it. She's a growler, and she' all mine!read more